Climate for Tomorrow  

                                                                                     LONG RANGE FORECAST

                                                                                             FOR JULY 2019

                                      Chicago       Milwaukee      Madison       Green Bay       South Bend    Grand Rapids     Lansing        Detroit 

Avg. High Temp.             81                   78                  79                    79                    82                     81                  80               82​ 

Avg. Daily Temp.             72                   70                  70                    69                    72                     71                  70               72

Avg. Low Temp.              63                   62                  61                     59                   62                      61                  60               62      

Compared to average: below              below             below               below              below                below             below         below    
Liquid Precipitation         3.8                  3.6                   4.2                   3.7                    3.7                 3.7                  2.7             3.2

Forecast from June 30, 2019. Average temperatures are in degrees Fahrenheit; total precipitation is liquid precipitation in inches. Snow forecasts are available on a subscription basis (Typically, snow is ten times the liquid value, but not always.)

Serving the climate information and monitoring needs of the central Midwest, 
Climate for Tomorrow  
provides you with the current monthly forecast of temperature and precipitation (see below).
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       Climate for Tomorrow is an organization dedicated to climate research, monitoring, forecasting, and information dissemination. Our activities include energy evaluations, climate trends monitoring and research, climate forecasting, climate policy advocacy, and sustainability consulting.

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